6 Money Saving Tips for Buying Meat

Chances are, most of your grocery budget goes to purchasing meat. Unfortunately, meat is really expensive, but we all usually continue to purchase a lot of it, even though it’s clearly overpriced. As we all know, our husbands would throw a horrible fit if we didn’t get their proper amount of meat intake throughout the week.

Therefore, cutting meat completely out is not going to be an option for most households. So, you have to figure out some ways you can save cash on meat. Below, you’ll find some tips that will help you cut down on the amount of money you spend on meat.

#1. Don’t Eat as Much Meat

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This one sounds like common sense, but it’s the truth. If you consume less meat, you’ll be able to save more money. Also, doing this will allow you to become creative with your weekly menu. I mean, there’s no need to have Sloppy Joes four times a week, anyways.

#2. Buy in Bulk

You can always buy meat in bulk and freeze what you don’t use. That way, you’ll have meat in your freezer you can use for future meals and you’ll save money, as well. Bulk meats usually have a lower price per pound, so just look over the label to make sure you’re saving money by buying in bulk. This can be a bit hard to do in your average grocery store, so it may be worth investing in a store that carries items in bulk, such as Sam’s Club.

#3. Freeze Your Meat

Frozen Meat

This is especially true when you purchase meat in bulk. Separate your meat into smaller quantities and freeze it in the freezer. Meat can spoil fairly quickly when left in the refrigerator. I would suggest putting the meat in properly marked freezer bags and unless you’re going to use the meat that day, you should put it in the freezer.

#4. Cut Your Own Meat

When you’re shopping for meat, you want to avoid specialty cuts and what not. Instead of purchasing boneless chicken or chicken that is thinly sliced, you should buy whole chicken and just cut it up yourself. If you buy specialty cuts, you’re paying more, because you had someone else cut it up for you.

#5 Use Less Meat in Recipes


When using a recipe, you should probably disregard the portion sizes as far as meat is concerned. If it calls for 1lb of ground beef, you could always use a half pound and put the leftover in the freezer. It will just make the food less meaty and chances are, no one will even notice a difference.

#6. Shop Around

It’s always good to have plenty of options in life and that’s true when it comes to where you shop, as well. Don’t be afraid to go to lesser-known stores and look at their selection of meat. Chances are, you may find some places that are cheaper than your bigger grocery stores. For instance, there’s stores near me by the name of “Save-A-Lot” and they always have great deals on meat.