6 Reasons to Choose Experience Gifts Instead of Regular Gifts

Is your holiday shopping complete?  I didn’t think so. What gifts have you purchased already?  Are you still struggling trying to figure out what to buy your kids or spouse? Let me offer you a little bit of advice.  Skip the toys and gadgets, slippers and socks, the generic gift baskets, etc. I mean, think about it for a minute. How many toys do your kids have put up in their rooms and closets that they haven’t touched in months?  I am going to guess it’s a lot. Do not spend your hard earned money on stuff that no one is going to enjoy. Instead, I highly recommend experience gifts for presents this year. 

If you haven’t given much thought to experience gifts, it is time you started.   Here are 6 Reasons to Choose Experience Gifts Instead of Regular Gifts this year. 

  1. Experience gifts are different.  People open up random stuff every year, by multiple people for the holidays. Of course we appreciate these gifts, but do we love them?  Not necessarily. 
  2. It’s exciting. Opening up a gift to find that experience and adventure awaits is very, very exciting.  Maybe it’s something that you have never done and have always wanted to. Maybe it’s something you have already been thinking about doing.  Or, maybe it’s something that you have never heard of. Either way, all of these options are great because they mean you get to adventure!
  3. Experience gifts are more personal. Let’s say you are looking for gifts for your friend who loves basketball.  Which of these would make a better gift for that friend? 1. A bath themed gift basket or tickets to an upcoming game for the local professional or college team?  I assure you, the answer is the tickets. 
  4. They are quite affordable. As it turns out, there are lots of experience gifts that you can buy that are quite affordable.  Check Groupon and other similar sites, you might find that an experience gift is considerably cheaper than you thought. 
  5. Experience gifts mean memories are being made. How long is that bath gift basket going to last?  Whereas memories can last a lifetime and that’s what you are doing with experience gifts.  Making memories.

Experience gifts give you a reason to spend time together.  I know you are tempted to buy your kids the latest and greatest stuff, but why not spend that money on a family vacation?  Think of all the time you can spend together as a family. I love spending time with my family so that is definitely my favorite part.