6 Simple Ways to Prevent Foggy Mirrors

foggy mirrors

Even if you have a bathroom fan, your mirrors probably still fog up. And, getting ready in the morning takes long enough without the hassle of a foggy bathroom mirror! Sometimes, those precious minutes spent waiting for the mirror to clear can really put a hurtin’ on an already tight schedule. Plus, it’s just plain annoying!

You can buy antifog mirrors and mirror heaters to keep foggy mirrors at bay, but these can be pretty pricey. If you’re on a budget and sick of foggy mirrors, there are still a few great ways to keep your mirrors fog-free!

#1. Shaving Cream

Wipe a thin layer of shaving cream on your mirror before you shower. This will help keep foggy mirrors at bay, and you’ll have a clear surface when you wipe it off after your shower.

#2. Toothpaste

Use a bit of toothpaste on your mirror the same way you would shaving cream to prevent foggy mirrors. Make sure you use a non-gel toothpaste and avoid using toothpastes with baking soda, since these can possibly scratch the surface of the mirror.

#3. Bar Soap

Wipe the mirror with a new bar of soap enough to leave a film on it. Then, buff off the soap with a soft cloth. It looks like there’s no soap residue eft behind, but the bar soap actually leaves behind a thin film that prevents foggy mirrors.

#4. Shampoo

Apply a bit of shampoo to a cloth and wipe it on the mirror, and keep rubbing until it disappears. The film left behind shouldn’t be so thick that you notice it, but it should also prevent foggy mirrors after your shower. This little trick should also work with just abut any type of liquid soap, including body wash, hand soap, and dish detergent.

#5. Car Wax

Head to the garage and bust out the car wax if foggy mirrors are driving you nuts! Rub on a layer of wax and let it dry before buffing it off, just like you would if you were waxing your car. No more foggy mirrors!

#6. Anti-Fog Window Treatment

You might actually have an anti-fogging agent next to your car wax. Products like Rain-X make an anti-fog treatment that you can use on automobile windows, but it should also work to prevent foggy mirrors in your bathroom as well!