6 Tips to Save Money on Flying

planeFlying can be fairly expensive and it looks like the prices on air travel are only going to be going up and not down, so you’re probably wondering how you can fly for less. A few years back, it looks like flying was the cheaper route to go, but not people have decided to road trip to their destinations, rather than flying, because of airline prices inflating. However, frugal people know that you can still save money by flying, but you just have to know how to do it. Below, I’m going to outline some quick and easy tips that will help you reach your destination as cheap as possible.

#1. Sign up for a Credit Card

It’s extremely rare that I ever advise anyone to sign up for a credit card, but I’m making an exception in this case. There are tons of credit card companies out there that offer free air miles just for being a cardholder. Therefore, you should sign up for the card, but don’t even use it. Some companies require you to make one purchase with the card, before you’re eligible to receive the air miles. If this is the case, use your card for something you already planned to buy and then just pay off the entire balance on the due date.

#2. Fly During the Middle of the Week

Flying on the weekends is more expensive, so if flying during the week is an option available to you, you should consider doing it. Flying during the week can save you some serious cash versus flying on the weekends.

#3. Choose a Flight with Layovers

A direct flight is typically much more expensive than a flight that makes a stop or two along the way. Therefore, I’d suggest picking a flight that has some layovers if you don’t mind the wait. It will save you some money that you can use on other things, such as souvenirs.

#4. Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Airlines and motels/hotels will offer deals at the last second, because they have rooms or seats that they were not able to fill. Therefore, keep an eye out for deals that may pop up and you could score some airline tickets or a motel/hotel room at an excellent price.

#5. Book Flights in Advance

Booking a flight in advance will save you a ton of money. Therefore, when you know exactly where you want to go and when you want to do it, you should go ahead and book the flight. Typically, you will save hundreds of dollars by doing this.

#6. Do You Know Someone That Works for an Airline?

If you know someone that works for an airline, you may want to call them up. Most airline employees receive awesome benefits and one of those benefits is that their friends and family members get to fly for free. These benefits vary based on the airline, but you should be able to at least get a discount if you know someone that works for an airline industry.