6 Tips on How to Save Money on Prom

Save Money on PromProm is that one big night that every single teenage girl out there dreams about and it’s something that should be magical. Prom is considered to be like a wedding of your teenage years. It’s that one magical moment that you’re never going to forget about. However, just like a wedding, prom can be very expensive and it doesn’t help if you’re on a tight budget. I’m going to show you how you can still have a magical prom and it’s not going to cost you a fortune. Whether you’re a teen girl reading this or a proud mother who is about to send their kid off for prom, you’ll want to take note of some of the advice I’m about to give you.

#1. Have a Friend or Family Member Do Your Hair

A lot of girls go to the salon to have their hair done for prom, but it’s very expensive and it’s not really needed. You can have a much better and less expensive time if some friends come over and you take turns doing each other’s hair while getting ready for prom.

#2. Do-It-Yourself Corsage

Why go out and buy a corsage for prom when you can make your own at home? Just go out and pick up some flowers from the market or pluck some from a garden. Get some floral tape and some wire and with a little bit of creativity you can create your own corsage.

#3. Avoid the Pre-Prom Dinner

The pre-prom dinner can be really expensive and there’s really no point in it. While you have your friends over and you’re all getting ready for prom, you can order some pizzas for a pre-prom dinner. This will be much more fun than going out and have a dinner, anyways.

#4. There’s Nothing Better than Free Makeup

Do you know how you’re always turning those women down at the mall that want to put makeup on you? Well, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of this. Go out to the mall and have one of these ladies do your makeup for free. This is a totally free service and you’re not required to make a purchase. However, if you like what they did, you could purchase something cheap, such as a tube of lipstick or maybe some mascara, as it’s a kind thing to do.

#5. Borrow a Car for Prom

There’s no point in shelling out a ton of cash to get a limo when you’re only going to be in it for a very brief amount of time. Instead, you should ask your parents if you could borrow the car. As long as you’re cruising with your friends, you’ll definitely have fun whether you’re riding in a limo or not.

#6. Enjoy Free Fun the Day After Prom

Most teens will plan a trip to the amusement park or maybe go to a concert the day after prom, but that’s not totally necessary. Instead, you could ask your friends to hang out at the beach with you or maybe go to the park with you.