6 Tips for Saving Money on Organic Products

OrganicI don’t want to sound like a snob with this post, so I’m going to lay it out there that our family doesn’t eat 100% organic foods. Realistically, only about 20-25% of our diet is organic. We just simply enjoy the food more, because we think it tastes better and we also believe it’s a healthier option for all of us. I’ve eaten home-grown vegetables in the past and I can tell you right now that organic vegetables taste much closer to home-grown vegetables than the non-organic vegetables do.

If you enjoy organic foods I’m going to give you some tips I’ve learned over the years that will help you save as much money as you can on organic products.

#1. Shop at Big Lots

Believe it or not, Big Lots is a huge help whenever you’re searching for organic foods, but you’re on a budget. The selection of organic foods at Big Lots can be limited, but I always find some good deals there whenever I stop in, so I’d suggest stopping in at your local Big Lots at least once per week. I always find organic items cheaper here than I do at my local grocery store, even though the selection is slim.

#2. Avoid Name Brands

Name brands are great and we all want to think we’re fancy by having them in our cabinets, but they can really put a major dent in your budget. If you’re going to eat organic I suggest that you look at store brand organic foods. Find the stores in your area that offer their own line of organic foods and take note of them. Stop by these stores whenever you’re out shopping for the day and see if they have any deals on their organic line of foods. They will typically be much cheaper than name brand organic items.

#3. Use Coupons

We always post the latest and great coupons on our sites and some of these coupons are for organic foods. I would highly suggest you look through our extensive database of coupons, so you can save as much money as possible at the check-out. I would also suggest looking at the flyers at the front of the store to see if they have any coupons for organic foods in them.

#4. Start a Garden

If you don’t want to pay those expensive prices, you could always consider growing your own foods. It’s much cheaper and a whole lot easier than you think. It just takes a little bit of time.

#5. Pay Attention to Sales

Organic foods always go on sale and some point and you can get excellent deals on them. Always keep an eye on your local grocery store and keep a look out for when they’re running special sales. That’s how I get some of my best deals on organic products.

#6. Consider Shopping Online

I know you’re not going to buy every organic product you need online, but some things you can find online and at excellent prices. For instance, I like to purchase organic teas and energy drinks online. Doing this saves me both time and money.