6 Ways to Get More Printable Coupons

get more printable coupons

Printable coupons have exploded in popularity in the past few years. They’re convenient and easy to obtain, and getting multiple printable coupons is typically less expensive than buying several Sunday newspapers.

If you’re really trying to build a stockpile quickly, though, printable coupons can be a little frustrating. The main complaint about printable coupons is that they have print limits, meaning that you can only get a certain number of coupons. Unlike insert coupons, you can’t simply go out and buy 10 newspapers or inserts to get 10 of a particular coupon.

If you’re looking to get more copies of printable coupons, here are a few tips to help you out.

#1. Print Two Per Computer

If you’ve been using printable coupons for a while, you probably already know that you can get two prints per computer. After you print a coupon, hit the back button on your browser to print it again. You can also go back to the webpage with the link to the coupon and click on it again to find your second print quickly.

#2. Use Other Computers In the House

Lots of households have more than one laptop or computer in today’s modern age. When you want more prints of high value printable coupons, turn to these machines for extra copies. The computers need to be able to download the coupon printing software and be compatible with a printer.

#3. Print Wirelessly With a Mobile Device

Did you know that some iPhone and Android mobile devices can now print coupons? You just need the Coupons.com app and a compatible wireless printer.

#4. Invest in a Dedicated Coupon Computer

If your budget allows it, you can also get a computer dedicated to nothing but printable coupons. Use this computer for nothing but printing extra coupons. A used bare bones desktop, laptop, or netbook should be just fine. Before taking the plunge, though, make sure that the cost of the extra computer will be worth it in the long run. Of course, if you’re planning on buying an extra computer anyway, this is a no brainer!

#5. Ask Friends and Family for Printable Coupons

Chances are your friends and family members also have computers. And, if you ask nicely, they may be wiling to print a couple coupons for you. Buy them some printer ink or split the goodies with them in return.

#6. Watch for Resets

Printable coupons often reset from time to time. This means that you can print two more copies. The biggest coupon resets occur on the first of every month, but lots of coupons also reset in the middle of the month as well. Sometimes, a coupon will even reset in the middle of the month, at the very end of the month, and on the first of the next month! There’s no telling when printable coupons will reset, though, so it’s often a good idea to check them periodically or even bookmark them.


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