6 Ways You Can Save Money With Social Media

save money with social mediaWith the rise of social media in these modern time, staying connected is no longer something you have to work at. For many, it goes without saying. Social media giants, like Facebook and Twitter, help us stay in touch easily with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world. We can share our thoughts and feelings, photos of our families, or just an uplifting quote.

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay!

Even if you’re not much for logging on, you don’t have to shun social media completely. The truth is, you can actually save money with social media! How? Let’s take a look…

1. Freebies

First up, you can save money with social media by grabbing some of the great freebies offered on sites like Facebook or Twitter! Some brands regularly give away free samples, and sometimes even free full-size products, to their social media followers. You usually just have to like or follow the brand’s age and fill out a quick form. Sometimes you’ll receive a product in the mail, and sometimes you’ll receive a coupon for a free item.

2. Followers Only Deals

Retailers love loyal customers! And, to keep loyal customers loyal, they’ve been known to offer them special deals and savings. One easy way to reach loyal cutomers quickly, efficiently, and cheaply is by offering special deals via social media. Be sure to follow your favorite retailers on social media for exclusive deals and to be the first to know about sales.

3. Coupons

Again, being a follower can work out to your advantage on social media sites. You can save money with social media by checking your favorite brand’s Facebook page for exclusive coupons. If you aren’t already following a brand, you’ll have to like the page first before printing a coupon. Be sure to check the tabs across the top of the Facebook page just under the cover photo for coupons and extra savings.

4. Deal Finders

Don’t have time to hunt for deals? Let other people do it for you! Every deal we find here on Common Sense With Money, for instance, is also posted on the Common Sense With Money Facebook page. Like and follow our page to keep up with some of the best current deals available in stores and online!

5. DIY Projects

Yep! You can even save money with social media if you’re tackling a DIY project too. Just browse through Pinterest for some amazing inspiration of frugal DIY projects, and YouTube is chock full of awesome DIY tutorials. Be careful not to get sucked in, though—Pinterest and YouTube can both get pretty addicting!

6. Communication

Chances are, you’re already using the Facebook app on your smartphone. If you’re charged per text message or in text bundles, you can use the Facebook Messenger app to save on your phone bill too! Since I use Ting, which charges in “buckets”, I keep my phone bill super low partly by using the Facebook messenger app to text friends and family. I actually like the layout and functionality of the Messenger app more than my phone’s stock text app. You can even send money via the Messenger app now, which can come in handy for emergencies!