7 Cheap Birthday Gifts for Kids

rubix_cubeIt can be rough when you’re living on a budget and one of your friend’s kids has a birthday coming up. Of course you will want to go to the birthday party, but you don’t want to be the only one to not bring a gift. If you have a lot of mommy friends like myself, you probably go to a lot of birthday parties and it can really put a strain on your budget. If you don’t want to show up with a cheap gift or no gift at all, I’m going to list out some awesome child’s birthday gifts that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

#1. Handmade Gift

Handmade gifts are always great gifts to give, because they show that you put some time and effort into the gift. Also, you can make some pretty excellent things with very little money.

#2. Jenga

Chances are you’ve played Jenga or know what it’s about. If not, it’s basically a game in which you stack numerous blocks on top of each other and certain ones have to be removed. The goal of the game is to remove blocks without the tower tumbling down. This is a great gift for a kid, because it’s cheap, they’ll love it and the whole family can play together.

#3. The Magic 8 Ball

Chances are you had one of these growing up or knew numerous people that did. This is because it’s a classic gift that every kid loves. Kids just love asking the Magic 8 Ball serious questions about their future and they’ll have fun with friends asking goofy questions just to see what the Magic 8 Ball says. You can get one of these for as little as $10.

#4. Rubik’s Cube

This is a classic puzzle game that will definitely keep kids occupied for lengthy periods of time and will also aid them in developing better problem solving skills as they try to solve the Rubik’s cube. A Rubik’s cube can be purchased practically anywhere and for as little as $10 – $15.

#5. Watch

I’m not talking about your typical watch, but I’m talking about a watch with a character on it. For instance, you can get watches that have characters on them like Batman, Spider-Man, Hello Kitty, etc… They will love wearing these watches to school and showing them off to their friends. Typically these watches can be found for $12 or less.

#6. Kite

Kids absolutely love to fly kites and it’s a great way to encourage a child to go outdoors and have a little bit of fun. They’re always excited to see how high they can get their kite to go in the air.

#7. Colored Sand Kit

My kids absolutely love to play with those colored sand kits. They can use the sand to make some pretty wild sculptures or they can just bottle the sand up in glass bottles that look amazing. My daughter ever wears a glass necklace with colored sand in it that she made.