7 Ways to Save Money On Your Electric Bill While Using An Air Conditioner

Save Money on Air ConditionerThe weather has gotten warm, and you and your family have finally had enough of the heat. The air conditioner is a blessing, but running it all the time can cause a high electric bill. With a few simple tips, you can run your air conditioner without paying a lot of money during the long, hot months of summer.

#1. Plant more plants and trees in your yard.

Did you know that the amount of plants and trees in your yard can really make a difference in the amount of air conditioning you need to cool down your house? Trees and plants in your yard can help absorb the heat of the sun around the exterior of your home, which means a cooler inside and needing to turn on the air conditioner a lot less.

#2. Put screens on your windows.

Your windows do offer protection against the elements, but to block out the heat, mesh screens work best. There are some special screens that are designed to block out the UV rays of the sun. By using screens on the outside of your house, you can cut down on your electric bill by as much as 50 percent.

#3. Turn your air conditioner thermostat up higher when not at home.

The ideal temperature for you to set your air conditioner to is around 76 degrees. However, when you are going out, you can turn it up to at least 78 or 79, which will mean that it will take longer for the air conditioner to kick on. Why have the air conditioner running constantly if no one is home to enjoy it?

#4. Look into buying a few fans.

Fans help circulate the air, and when the house starts to feel stuffy, you can always turn on an oscillating fan to move the air around. Fans of all types can help keep the house nice and cool, which will mean less work for the air conditioner.

#5. Spend some time in the lower parts of the house.

If your house is two story, you have probably noticed that the upper part of the house is always hotter than the lower parts. Heat rises, and during the summer, this means that being upstairs is going to be rather uncomfortable without air conditioning. Fans can help keep the upper level rooms cooler, but you should stay out of the upstairs area during the day. The ground levels, and the basement as well, are going to be the coolest places to be during the summer.

#6. Keep cooking down to a minimum.

You may not be in the mood for hot and heavy food during the summer, and using the stove and oven are also going to keep the house hot. Now is the perfect time to do all your cooking outdoors, and also the best time to eat lighter meals like sandwiches and salads.

#7. Hang your clothes outdoors.

The stove and oven can heat up a house, and the clothes dryer can too. Taking advantage of the clothesline outside will mean fresh clothes dried in the sun, and also a cooler house and lower electric bill.