7 Ways to Save Money and Feel Great Doing It

eco-friendlyToday’s post is going to be mostly about eco-friendly stuff, because I consider myself to be a fairly eco-friendly frugal stay at home mom. I hope that with this post I will be able to help you all save some of your money, so you stay on budget and you can also help out the Earth while doing it. In other words, you’ll feel great about yourself, because you’re doing a good deed. Our grandparents practiced green-living and it’s not because they were going it to save the planet, but they were doing it to save some money. In other words, your grandparents were doing great things for the Earth before it was even politically correct. Now, how cool is that?

So, are you ready for some awesome ways to keep your budget on track and health the Earth? If so, scroll down to get started.

#1. Recycle Cellphones

Do you have some cellphones that you don’t use anymore? I bet you do, because I personally had a ton. You can recycle your cellphones and get paid for it or you can give them to AT&T and they will donate your phone to someone in the military, so they can talk to their family.

#2. Shop Online

Usually, you’ll find what you need online much cheaper than you’ll find it in the stores. Plus, shopping online will enable you to easily do some comparison shopping. Also, you won’t be spending gas money and have to get stuck in traffic while trying to go out to the store.

#3. Be Conscious of When You Wash Clothes and Run the Dishwasher

Make sure your dishwasher is always full before you turn it on and the same goes for your washing machine. That way, you’ll save money on your electric and water bill. Plus, you’ll conserve some of our most precious resources.

#4. Stop Driving Your Kids to School

Instead of wasting gas on driving your kids to school, you could always just walk them to school. Plus, this can be considered exercise, so you’ll be able to cancel that expensive membership to the gym. Also, you’ll get to spend more time chatting with your kids.

#5. Make Your Own Household Cleaners

If you read over the posts I’ve done in the past about the multiple uses for baking soda and vinegar, you’ll know that these items can replace a ton of different cleaning products. Cleaning products are loaded with harmful toxins that aren’t eco-friendly. Plus, you’ll save money by using baking soda and vinegar, instead of buying those gimmicky cleaning products.

#6. Carpool

Consider setting up a carpool with some of your friends and family members in your area. This way, you’ll save gas money, less pollutants are in our air and you’ll also be able to hang out with people you enjoy being around.

#7. Stop Drinking Bottled Water

It’s time you get rid of all that plastic you’re using. Instead, you could get a Brita filter. This will also save you a good bit of money in the long haul.