9 Camping Must-Haves for Your Trip

Okay, so yesterday we talked a little bit about the best tips on making a camping trip fun, but we haven’t yet talked about what you should take with you on this epic camping trip.  Honestly, most of us aren’t hard core survivalists or even kick-butt boy scouts which means that most of us could use a good reminder of what we should have with us when we head into the wilderness or to that awesome modern campground we just reserved (no judgement here, I do both kinds of camping).

So, here they are my friends, 9 camping must-haves for your trip:

  1. Matches or a lighter.  C’mon, I know you aren’t about to start a fire with the rock and stick method.  Grab yourself some matches or a lighter and make it easy on yourself.
  2. First aid kit.  You should always have a first aid kit in your car anyway, but be sure you have one when camping.
  3. Tarp.  In addition to your tent, a tarp is great for keeping the rain away.
  4. Sleeping bags.  No one wants to sleep on the cold hard ground.  Be sure that you have a good sleeping bag for nighttime.
  5. Flashlights.  It’s going to get dark at some point.  Make sure you can see!
  6. Pocketknife or multitool.  You never know when you are going to need to cut rope, or open a can.  Plus, side a multi-tool such a Swiss Army Knife have corkscrews, you can drink your wine while camping!
  7. Cooler.  You need to keep all of that yummy camping food nice and cold.
  8. Ice.  Again, even in the cooler, your food and drinks are not going to be so good without ice.
  9. Toilet paper.  This is especially true if you are out in the wilderness (campgrounds often keep such necessities in stock).  You don’t want to have to use leaves, do you?


What is the must-have item that you always make sure to take camping with you?