9 Cheap Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Kids

AcitivtiesAre you on the hunt for some fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids, so you can spend more time with them and also have a blast? Well, enjoying things with your kids doesn’t mean you’ll have to shell out a ton of cash. I have some things that I do with my kids all the time that they really enjoy and it certainly doesn’t cost much money at all. Scroll down for some fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids that don’t cost a lot of money.

 #1. Play Hide and Seek

This is one thing that my kids absolutely love to do and I enjoy it, as well. It doesn’t cost a thing, but if you want to make the game a little bit better, you could play it in the dark and only use glow sticks. The glow sticks will cost a little bit of money, but they’re still fairly cheap.

#2. Go to the Lake

There’s a lake around my area that my kids absolutely love to go to. There’s a shallow end where all the kids can play together and the lake is properly maintained by the state, so I know there’s nothing bad in the water that could harm them. Also, boaters aren’t allow around the area.

#3. Go to the River

The river is always a fun place to take the kids. They enjoy playing in the sand on the river bank and they also love to throw rocks in the water. Plus, some days I even allow them to play in the water a little bit.

#4. Go to the Creek

The creek is a great place to take your kids, because it’s basically like taking them to a miniature river. They can have the same amount of fun, but it will be much safer, because creeks don’t get very deep at all.

#5. Take Your Kids on a Hike

Enjoying the outdoors with your kids can be great. Take them on a hike somewhere for a great time in the wilderness. Plus, they’ll get a little bit of exercise, as well.

#6. Have a Movie Night

Go out and rent a movie from a video store, visit a redbox or rent something from your cable provider. Have the kids gather round the television and enjoy a movie night with them. If you want, you could make some popcorn for a more well-rounded experience.

#7. Take Your Kids to the Park

Go to the park with your kids and they will undoubtedly have an excellent time. Have fun while going down the slides and what not with them. I bet you’ll see a lot of smiles that day.

#8. Fly a Kite

Kids absolutely love to fly kites and it can be addicting to see how high you can get a kite to go. Typically, you can get a kite for under $10 and it will provide hours of entertainment.

#9. Have a Pizza Night

Get some pizza-making kits and allow each of your kids to make their very own pizza the way they want it. It will be a fun time in the kitchen and then it will be even more fun when the family chows down after the pizzas are ready.