9 Tips that Will Help You Save Money on Your Power Bill

How much was your power bill last month?  I am going to go out on a limb and say it was way too much.  Are you hoping to find ways that you can cut down on this outrageous expense?  Not to worry, my friends! There are ways that you can save big on your power bill throughout the year!

Here are my 9 tips that will help you save money on your power bill all year long:

  1. Unplug.  Unplug electronics and appliances that you aren’t using.
  2. Turn off the lights.  If you aren’t in a room, turn off those lights.  Yep, it’s as simple as that.
  3. Switch to LED.  I recently spoke to a woman who lives in a 2200 square foot, 5 bedroom home. She switched to all LED light bulbs and her power bill went down more than $60 per month.  I don’t know that everyone will experience this significant of a change, but it’s worth trying!
  4. Set your thermostat 1-2 degrees higher.  It won’t make that much difference in your comfort, but could make a great difference in your bill.
  5. Use blackout curtains.  Use blackout curtains during the summer to keep your home as cool as possible before you turn on the A/C.
  6. Use the clothesline.  During the warm summer months, hang your clothes to dry outside inside of using the dryer.
  7. Dress for the weather.  If it is too cold, try putting on some socks and a sweatshirt instead of instantly cranking up the heat.
  8. Place your freezer in the coldest place in the house.  If you have a chest or standing freezer, consider placing it in the coldest place in the house.  This will prevent it from working too hard to cool down.
  9. Be mindful of your stove use. Use the right size pots and pans when cooking and when boiling water, use an electric kettle instead of the stove.