Additional Olay Rebate to Sweeten Rite Aid Deal

If you likes the Olay deal I shared with you yesterday I have good news for you. There is yet another rebate you can take advantage of to make this deal even better.  With other rebate offer you can get a free one year subscription to one of 5 different magazines or $12 in cash.  The best part is that you can submit a photocopy of your receipt.    So you can totally double dip (or triple dip if you count the single check rebate).  In short, if you do this Olay deal I shared yesterday you will get:

  • $50+ worth of Olay products
  • $20 back via single check rebate from Rite Aid
  • $30 in coupons via single check rebate offer #4

It total it comes out to be a up to $26 moneymaker deal.  Talk about getting paid to shop!  But remember that this single check rebate offer ends tomorrow, so take advantage of it while you can.  Thanks for the mommas!

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