All Loaded up on Scented Candles

Wow! Today I made my third and last trip to Target. I am all loaded up on Scented Candles. Well, not any more really because I just sent them out as gifts for my son’s babysitters at the gym. All in all I ended up getting 8 of the candles, or as many as I could get with the coupons I had.
I have also taken advantage of each trip to load up on free baby wipes thanks to the Huggies Target Coupon that is available here. Unfortunately, I had given away most of my Huggies Wipes Coupons last week to someone else, so I didn’t have very many to pair up with this Target coupon. But the tubs of Huggies Wipes at my Target come with a $2 off any Bath and Body or CleanTeam product peelie that paired with the Target coupon gives me enough overage to get me free wipes. This is what I have been doing:
1 tub wipes $2.39
+ 1 tub Cleanteam wipes $2.39
Total $4.78
Less $3 huggies target coupon
less $2 huggies peelie coupon
=$0.22 overage
I just keep buying tubs with peelies on them, so as long as I can find those and as long as the target coupon is still good I will keep doing this and getting free wipes for both kids. Yay! I am also lucky that there doesn’t seem to be many couponers around me because the shelves are still stocked up for both items. Now I just need the Huggies Diapers to go on sale, pretty please. I have some nice diaper coupons to use for that.
I hope others can benefit from these great deals as well.