Almost Frugal Flop of the Day

I spent this morning grocery shopping. First I went to one grocery store (1/2 mile away from the next, very small town here), to pick up apples, squash and a couple of other things that were on sale there. Then I headed to the second grocery store. I had a longer list for this grocery store and also some coupons to use. Sales at this store are usually better but produce seems to be better at the other store. However, in general this is the store where I do most of my grocery shopping. So, I payed for all of my items and headed home. Then I get here and the orange juice is nowhere to be found. Well, I paid $2.5 for that, there’s no way I am just going to shrug my shoulders about it. So, I headed back to see if they had kept it maybe in the customer service area but they didn’t. Instead they let me just go get another one.
So, lesson of the day: “Ask and you shall receive.” If I think back to my non-frugal days I would have just shrugged my shoulders at the incident. It’s only $2.50 anyways, right? Well, every little bit counts and sometimes it pays to go back and ask customer service. BTW, my non frugal days must not be very long ago, because a few months back my husband forgot a shopping bag at Walmart and he didn’t go back to ask about it. I don’t remember what it was but I think it was about $5.00 worth of things (funny the things I DO remember).