Amazing Coupons Via Facebook – Hurry Quick before They Pull Them

Do you have Facebook account? Then today is a good day for you. According to a thread on A Full Cup, you can find amazing coupons if you log on to your account. After you log on, then check your applications and find the “Check it Out” Application. The higher your level in Facebook the better the coupons.
I am not a Facebook user so being behind the times has left me out of these great coupons.

Happy Savings!

Update 8/16 7 PM CST: I found this announcement on A Full Cup about these coupons

Announcement from AFC website.

Yesterday a frenzy hit with the release of an application on Facebook which allowed you to print grocery coupons. I personally called the advertising company who is running this application and they assured me that the coupons were legitimate. However, as time passed, more and more unrealistic offers were appearing that make me question whether these really are legitimate.

This morning, the coupons on their site do seem to be a bit more realistic and they are limiting the printing. But until we get an answer back from the Coupon Information Center regarding this site, the coupons that appeared yesterday, and the coupons they have on there now, no further discussion or sharing/trading of these coupons will be permitted.

It seems there are concerns about the legitimacy of the initial coupons released. They even pulled the thread I referenced on this post. For now I will leave this post up but if AFC or Hot Coupon World find out that these coupons are not legitimate I will delete this post.
Thank you for understanding.