Amazing Meat Deals from Zaycon Fresh! Fill your freezer!

Have you heard of Zaycon before?  It’s a pretty great way to buy meats!  They have “events” all over the country.  You go on their website HERE and you sign up and purchase the foods and select your pickup location.  They seriously have the best chicken!

Not only is their food so great, but on your pickup day is super convenient.  You just pull up in your car and they load the box in for you.

I am a huge fan of having a stocked freezer!  Fill your freezer with these great meat items available for ordering now from Zaycon:

* Fresh Ground Beef, Lean (93/7) – 40 lbs
$4.49/lb | $179.60/case
The Zaycon ground beef is fresh 93/7 and super lean. It is 100% grown in the USA. There is no pink slime in the Zaycon ground beef. There are no chemicals, additives or water added to meat during processing. The beef cattle have a grass diet which is supplemented by grain after they reach approximately 700 pounds.

* Chicken Breasts (Fresh Boneless Skinless)
$1.69/lb X 40.00 lbs | $67.60/case
The Zaycon chicken breasts are sold by the case. Each case weighs 40 pounds and includes four separate bags of chicken breasts, which are not always sealed and not uniform in weight. The larger outer bag is sealed in the cardboard case. The chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. The chicken is fresh directly from the farm to the sales event and has never been frozen.

Also available:

* Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Strip Fritter (this is my family’s favorite)
$3.49/lb | $69.80/case

* Frozen Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets
$6.99/lb | $174.75/case

* Fully Cooked Maple Chicken Sausage Patties
$3.79/lb | $37.90/case

* Bacon – Hickory Smoked, Medium Sliced – 36 lbs
$3.49/lb | $125.64/case

* USDA Choice or Higher Patio Steaks
$6.49/lb X 33.00 lbs | $214.17/case

Order now from Zaycon!

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