Are You a Picker or a Grabber?

I had to make an emergency stop at the grocery store this evening because we were all out of fruit after being gone all weekend.  Being out of fruit is a bit of a travesty around here as my kids eat TONS of it.

As I was picking up what probably was the tenth pint of blueberries to inspect before putting it in the cart, another woman approached the table.  She then grabbed a container of blueberries, glanced at it for probably a second and put it in her cart.  She then walked away not without probably rolling her eyes at the site of me picking another pint of blueberries to inspect.  This same scene repeated itself as I chose the right strawberries, the perfect watermelon, the sweetest smelling cantaloupe and the almost yellow bananas.

It is not that I am obsessive-compulsive regarding the fruit that I buy.  It’s that I think that if I am spending all this money on fruit I better make sure I get the best for the money I pay.

I was never a picker myself.  In truth it was my husband who made me one and I am glad he did.  I can’t tell you the many times fruit or other food items ended in the garbage because I did not carefully inspect them before adding them to the cart:  moldy blueberries or strawberries at the bottom of the container, broken eggs inside the carton I did not care to open and more.

I am often asked: but how do you save money on fruits and vegetables?  Well, here is one way: Spend just a few minutes inspecting the food you buy to make sure you get the best you money can buy.

So, are you a picker or a grabber?  Do you take the time to inspect or just grab the first item available?


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