Are you Ebating?

If you are not let me tell you that it also took me a while to check into what Ebates is all about.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is an internet portal that refers shoppers to online retailers.

Why should you use it?

Because every time you go to an online retailer’s website via Ebates and shop that store, you get money back. Hence the name: it’s a rebate program for online shopping. Even online you can get paid to shop stores! Ebates also has online coupons codes for you to use so it provides even more savings.

How do you start using it?

First you will need to sign up which is fairly easy to do. Then all you need to do every time you want to shop online (and you know that we the holidays looming you will be doing a lot of it) is sign up to Ebates and look up the store you are interested in shopping. Then all you need to do is use the link that Ebates has to access the retailer’s online store and that’s it. Get on with your shopping as usual.

The other good thing about Ebates too is that you can get money when you sign up if you signup through a referral link like mine here. If you do, not only do you get money for signing up but so will I. But once you sign up you can tell family and friends and have them sign up through your very own referral link. So if you shop online why not get some money back? I know you will probably be doing some of your holiday shopping online, it would be great if you got some money back for doing so.