Beat the Heat With These Fun Water Activities!

Water ActivitiesAs summer gets under way, the temperatures start to rise. While this is usually a nice break from the nasty freezing cold of winter, too much of a good thing isn’t always great.

Now, I’m not one to complain too much about the heat, but even I can get uncomfortable in hot weather. And, I know my kids can get downright cranky on those hot and stickey days.

Water activities are a great way to beat the heat this summer! You don’t even have to have a pool – just try these fun water activities!

Toss Water Balloons

Water balloons are an absolute must have at my house every summer. On hot days, we’ll spend some time filling up tons of water balloons and storing them in large plastic tubs and grocery bags until the time is right – then it’s all out war!

Play Hose Games

When it gets too hot, break out the hose for some fun water activities! Instead of just spraying each other with the hose, play some games. You can play hose limbo, hose tag, and hose jump rope.

Hunt for Crayfish

Every kids should hunt for crayfish or frogs at some point. This is one of our favorite water activities every summer. Head to a local stream or creek and start flipping rocks. Careful, though! Those little pinchers can hurt!

Slip and Slide

Slip and slides make for some great water activities in the summer. Commercial slip and slides can be a bit expensive though, but you can make your own with a tarp or large piece of plastic. Just clear out a spot on your lawn and remove all sticks, rocks, and debris. Lay the tarp or plastic on the ground and spread a little soap on the surface. Then, just spray it down with the hose and slip and slide away!

Play Hose Soccer

This is another one of our favorite water activities in the summer, but it requires two hoses. You can use a garden hose splitter if you only have one faucet outside. Play hose soccer just like you play regular soccer, but use the hose in place of your feet. Each team tries to push the ball into the goal with a stream of water from the hose.

Wash the Car

Tackle two birds with one stone, and let the kids wash the car on hot days. Give them some sponges, a bucket of sudsy water, and a hose and let ’em have at it. Your car may not be the cleanest it’s ever been, but everyone will be a little cooler!

What are your favorite water activities when hot weather strikes?