Because I Don’t Waste Enough Time as It Is

I spent this long weekend looking for a way to update my blog. Thank you so much to everyone that offered me their help. I truly appreciate it and I looked into each and everyone of your suggestions.

I looked into buying a graphic at But there wasn’t one that moved me and the one that I liked a little was $13 and well I wanted something free. Then I looked for more graphics online and nothing was available that I liked. It turns out I am also not as smart as I thought because I couldn’t make my own graphic using GIMP like Jennifer at Sisterly Savings did.

Then I started looking at free blogger templates or skins. I really liked a couple of the templates offered at and I finally settled for one that I could personalize at blogcrowds. One of the suggestions on these websites is to create a ‘test blog’ to test the new template. Since I set up the blog with almost everything that is on this one, the idea came to me that “hey! maybe I could use that blog as a second blog!” There are many times that I have parenting questions and other things that I could use help with that go unanswered because I don’t think those issues relate to this blog. So this is that new blog.

But really what I want to know is this: the template on that blog is the one I chose to change this one into. What do you think? Keep this blog as is, or change to that other template as well, or keep looking. Then both blogs would look the same. Vote on the right bar.