The Best Items to Buy in September


Did you know that there is a hidden secret on the things you buy throughout the year?  That’s right. Depending on what items you are buying, there is usually a better time during the year to buy those particular things.  Right now, for example, we can focus on the best items to buy in September, even if the month is almost half-up.

So, if you are ready to do some shopping, here are the best items to buy in September to save the most money:

  • Bicycles.  New model year bikes are coming out this month, which means that it is the best time to find deals on last year’s models.  And let’s face it, the new year’s models aren’t going to be any better than last year, so save yourself some money!
  • Bedding and mattresses.  Labor Day is the kickoff to sales for mattress stores nationwide.  These sales tend to last the entire month, so you can find some really good deals!  Bedding prices fall to complement the lowered prices of the mattresses.
  • Furniture.  Again, Labor Day prices on furniture can be ridiculously low.  Take advantage now to score some seriously deep discounts. (I just bought a VERY nice brand new leather living room set for less than $1000 at one of these sales.  Note: Don’t discount doorbusters.
  • Apple products.  New Apple products are about to hit showrooms.  Now is when you are going to find steep discounts on the older versions of Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more.
  • Appliances.  Looking for new appliances?  Right now is the best time to find appliance deals because, again, new models are coming soon.  Be sure and stroll through the clearance section and see what kind of steals you can find on the appliances that you are wanting to upgrade.’
  • Camping gear.  Camping season is over for most people and the stores are trying to clear their shelves of their camping and other summertime outdoor supplies.  I once bought a 10 person tent for $89 (75% off) during September.

What’s your favorite deal you have ever scored in the month of September?