The Best Places to Shop for Halloween Costumes


Do you and your kids know what you are planning to dress up as for Halloween?  I absolutely love Halloween, but I despise the money that it costs.  Costumes are expensive, candy is expensive and decorations aren’t any cheaper.  If you are anything like me, you may have started your Halloween shopping already.  If not, no worries, you still have time to get everything you need and save big!  

Today we are going to discuss the best places to shop in order to save big on your Halloween costumes this year.    


Goodwill is a great place to shop for all kind of things, Halloween costumes included!  When it comes to thrift shops of any kind, I prefer to avoid hats, wigs or masks because I have a massive fear of head lice, but Goodwill has a great selection of costumes starting in mid September.  You can even shop outside of the Halloween selection for your costume.  They actually have a section for uniforms so you can find scrubs, capes, aprons, etc.  Plus, the formal selection is great if you are looking for a princess dress, etc.  I once found the perfect flapper dress in the dress section for $4!


You can find inexpensive costumes for the kids at Walmart.  Most of the adult costumes I have come across there tend to be a little pricier than I prefer, but still not bad.

Craigslist / Online Yard Sale Sites & Groups

Be sure to scan craigslist and Facebook for sale groups for costumes for sale.  Many times, someone may be selling last year’s costume in order to help pay for this year’s so you are likely to find some great deals!

Dollar Store

Be sure and get the accessories (tiara’s, jewels, etc) for your costume at your local dollar store.  They may not be the highest quality, but you are only going to wear them for the night, that’s worth $1!

Your Closet

It doesn’t get any cheaper than free!  Be sure and go through the closets in your house to see what you can find to create your costume with.  Also, look through the kids’ toy boxes!  Most kids have dress up toys of some kind.  These can be turned into a costume relatively easy.