The best way to watch TV without paying for cable.

Since we are just about to roll up into 2019, I figure most of us are familiar with the no-cable idea since we have been talking about it for ages. In case any of you are still wondering how to go about making the switch to no-cable though, I got you!  If you have no clue what the best ways to ways TV without paying for cable are, here are some of my favorite streaming tips for ya:


  • Netflix – While the prices of Netflix have gone up over the years, it is still much less expensive than cable or satellite.  At the time of this article, Netflix is running between $7.99 per month and $13.99 per month. When was the last time you paid $13.99 for cable?  My family very rarely watches anything that isn’t on Netflix, so this is our favorite streaming service.
  • Amazon Prime.  Do you pay for Amazon Prime already?  Did you know that you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows?  It’s true! Another thing I love about Amazon streaming is that you can actually rent Pay Per View events on this service.  My husband is a MMA fan and the one thing that he hated about giving up cable was the inability to have fight nights at our house because we could no longer rent PPV events.  Well, that is no longer true with Amazon!
  • Hulu.  Hulu is a great, low-cost option for streaming live TV or at least shows that are currently playing.  
  • DirectTV Now.  This is a higher cost streaming service, but it is closer to the cable/satellite service that you are used to.  Stream live TV whenever and even DVR your shows. It starts at around $40.


Okay, I also must put it out there that if you are anything like me, you watch too much TV as it is.  As soon as I canceled cable in my life I started getting so much more done and having so many more experiences!  I hope you experience the same results as me!