Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer – Just $54.99!

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer - 5 ColorsI love the descriptions on Woot! This one is hilarious! “This “Fryer” doesn’t use oil. (Or an oil-like simulation.) This “Fryer” uses a smooth, even stream of hot air to make things happen. (It’s very similar to us in that respect.) And what you get out of it is food that has a similar taste and crunch as fried food, but without the risk and fat and grease we all hate. (At least, our doctors say we should.) That’s better for you, and it’s better for us. (Because we’re selling these things, right? We don’t want to be stuck with them. How many french fries can we eat in a day?)”

Check out the deal Woot has today only – Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer priced today at just $54.99! While supplies last. Today only.

$5 Ships Your Entire Order! One $5 charge covers standard shipping to a single address for everything in your cart, as long as it’s all going to the same address!


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