Big Changes To A Number Of Cell Phone Plans! See What Your Carrier Is Changing!

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With Verizon Wireless’s data plan changes earlier this summer, a number of cell phone carrier’s are making big changes in order to compete with amount of data that Verizon is offering customers. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Boost Mobile are all changing current plans or offering new ones to provide more services to customers at more competitive prices. Read-on to see what your cell phone carrier is changing.

Beginning August 21st, there will be no overage charges when you exceed your data limit with AT&T! Instead, AT&T will be offering new Mobile Share Advantage Plans. Rather than charge for over using your date, data speeds will drop to a maximum of 128 kbps. This is very similar to the “safety mode” that Verizon just recently started offering. You can go here for a comparison of the different plans and prices.

As of August 19th, you can now purchase Unlimited Freedom Plans with Sprint. These plans provide two lines of unlimited talk, text and date for only $100.00!

As of August 19th, Sprint’s leading pre-paid brand, Boost Mobile, is also offering a new simplified unlimited offer called Unlimited Unhook’d. This plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and optimized streaming videos, games, and music. Plus, you will get unlimited nationwide 4G LTE data for all other date usage. This new offer is $50 for one line and $30 for any additional line. It does have a 5 line limit. As a pre-paid brand, there are no contracts with Boost Mobile.

Beginning September 6th, T-Mobile is offering Straightforward Plans. These plans included unlimited talk, text and data! With the new plans the first line is $70, second line is $50 and the third-eight lines are just $20 at month. You can also add a tablet for $20 a month. If you are a family of four, you can get four lines for just $160 a month or $40 per person!

As with all cell phone plans there will be a ton of fine print. Each carrier will have terms and agreements associated with each of their new plans. Be sure to read through all of those terms to make sure you understand how the plan will work, what will cause slow down speeds on data, and what limits each plan has. Before changing plans, you will want to compare your current plan with these new offers. You could potentially pay less and get more depending on your individual situation.