Blogger Alert: Where is Denise?

Update: Here’s Denise’s temporary home! Go leave her some love.

If you have been wondering, like I have, where the Centsible Sawyer has been here is your answer. Denise sent me a message this morning asking me to help her spread the word that her blog has been locked up by Google because it thought it was a spam blog. So if you have been missing Denise’s spunkiness and deal alerts as much as I have please have some patience. She will be back posting on regular schedule as soon as she gets her problem resolved. She hopes this will be sooner rather than later.

I don’t know if you remember but Crystal had the same problem with her Money Saving Mom blog back in June I think. She had to move her blog to another host as a result to this. I hope Denise doesn’t have to do this as I imagine is a big job to do.

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