Blue Collar Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Several websites create lists for Father’s Day gift ideas around this time. Many of these lists are populated with things like ties, golf club socks, and the latest pricey tech gadgets.

Not all dads can use a tie or the latest tech gadgets on Father’s Day, however. For many blue collar guys, the Father’s Day gift ideas in many of these lists are useless or much too expensive.

So, what do you get a blue collar dad? Here’s a quick list of blue collar Father’s Day gift ideas for the manly man in your life!

Homemade Treats

It may be cliche, but the way to man’s heart really is through his stomach. In my experience, this is especially true for blue collar guys, so one of the best blue collar Father’s Day gift ideas is a homemade treat. Whether you make him a hearty breakfast in bread or bake him a tin of his favorite cookies, he’s sure to be pleased! Homemade treats are also usually inexpensive, so you won’t break the bank with this one.


Every blue collar guy should have a multi-tool. If the Dad in your life doesn’t have one or needs a new one, a multi-tool is one of the best blue collar Father’s Day gift ideas. Dad can use it at work or when he’s putting around at home. You can usually find a good quality multi-tool, like a Gerber or Leatherman tools, for decent price at Walmart, Target, or Sears.

Power Tools

What blue collar guy doesn’t want to add another power tool to his collection? You may need to do some digging in the shop to find out which power tools he may need. Keep in mind that some men are also quite partial to a specific brand when it comes to their power tools. If you can’t afford brand new tools, you may be able to find refurbished tools for a more reasonable price at home improvement stores.

Work Boots

Blue collar guys are often on their feet for long periods of time. Their boots are Work Bootoften one of the most important parts of their work apparel. A pair of good quality steel-tow work boots may make a great Father’s Day gift this year. If you aren’t sure of the size or brand, make sure you keep the receipt so he can exchange them.

Grilling Accessories

Does the Dad in your life live at the grill tin the summer? Get him some tools or accessories for his culinary obsession for Father’s Day! Think bold barbecue sauces, a barbecue brush, utensils, or even a steak brand.

Gift Cards

If you’re truly unsure of what to get him this Father’s Day, play it safe and grab a gift card to his favorite store or lunch spot. To make this gift a little more personal, enclose it in a card with a handwritten letter or note telling him how much you appreciate him and what an awesome dad he is!


Feel free to add your own blue collar Father’s Day gift ideas in the comments below!