Bluedio TN Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earphones Just $16.99!

Go wireless with your tunes with this next deal! The Bluedio TN Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earphones are marked down to only $16.99 on eBay right now! These are available in three different colors, and they ship for free. 

1. ANC technology
T energy adopts two microphone with high signal-to-noise ratio to eliminate 90% of low-frequency noise in your life, so that you can use it on the plane, bus, subway, etc.
2. Comfortable wearing
Different from the common Bluetooth neckband headphone, the buttons of T energy are on the right to balance the left and right sides. This design combines the ergonomic theory, so that users are able to have a more wonderful wearing experience.
3. Magnetic design
Built-in magnets let you attach the two headphones together and prevent the headphones from sliding off or cable tangle when not in use, just hang around your neck like a necklace.
4. 13mm drivers
T energy adopts the 13mm large diaphragm to make the bass powerful and flexible.
5. Long battery life
Using Bluetooth 4.2 program to reduce power consumption, T energy enables music for 12 hours. The large capacity battery brings you a long-lasting user experience.