Build-A-Bear Coupon For All Bonus Club Members! Sign Up Now!

I’m not sure what kind of response to Pay Your Age day Build-a-Bear was expecting, but it clearly wasn’t ready for what happened today. And because so many locations were forced to close due to hitting store capacity, Build-A-Bear wants to make it up to all the customers who didn’t get a bear; or who didn’t want to engage in the chaos to get a bear. So head over to the Build-a-Bear website and sign up to become a Bonus Club Member (if you aren’t one already) and print off your $15.00 off coupon courtesy of Build-a-Bear.  That means you could snag a bear for FREE! Select bears are just $12.00!

You have until July 15th to screen shot or print your voucher. Then you have August 31st to redeem that voucher. Each bonus club member is going to get a unique voucher. There is a limit of one coupon per Bonus Club Account and one voucher per transaction. This is valid in-store only. So you won’t be able to use it online. Thanks Build-A-Bear!