Busted Again!

A week shy of two months ago, I wrote about our effort trying to conquer one of our budget busters: milk. Back then we decided to switch to buying milk in a bag because it was considerably cheaper than milk in a jug container.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and my husband came home from getting milk and let me know that the half gallon of milk had gone up nine cents. It was then $1.34 or $2.68 per gallon of 2% milk. Today, he lets me know milk has gone up again and it is now $1.50 per half gallon. Or $3.00 per gallon of milk in a bag and the gallon of milk in a jug is $3.19. So, we are switching back to getting milk in the jugs because the effort of transferring the milk from the bag into the containers we bought and then cleaning those containers is not worth the extra 19 cents (to him). I guess I am a little sad, one of our little victories bit the dust so soon.

On a sort of related note, a few days ago Jennifer was wondering about shrinking package sizes. One of the people who commented on her post noted that a grocery store is introducing a 3/4 gallon of milk. It must be on the way to becoming a normal thing because today I found a coupon for $1 off 3/4 gallon of Borden Organic milk on Smartsource dot com. On the bright side I have been thinking that shrinking packages may be a good thing for the ever expanding waist of the American public.