We leave for New Orleans tomorrow. I have been busy packing since yesterday. To cut down on traveling expenses we are doing some BYOS (bring your own snack) and BYOBS (bring your own baby supplies).

We will be gone for seven days. So I am taking diapers (for two) for seven days plus enough for a couple of extra days. Just in case, I am also bringing a coupon for a free jumbo pack of diapers. I got this coupon by redeeming the pampers codes I had accumulated. By the way if you accumulate Pampers Gift to grow you can do this too. You need I think 125 points. If you don’t have that many, and don’t think you will ever have that many, you can also donate your points to provide vaccines in a developing country. For every “Gifts to Grow” point donated from April 30th to June 30th 2008, Pampers will donate US $.05 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide one tetanus vaccine to protect a pregnant woman in the developing world, up to US $20,000.

Back to topic here, I am also packing enough snacks to have while we are there. I usually make my own baby food, but that won’t be practical while we are gone. I stacked some Target coupons with manufacturer coupons to get the baby food pictured free. The Soyjoy is more than free at CVS this week and I actually like it. I am trying to take as much as it is practical for us to take to minimize our expenses there.

The bag for my kids stuff is bigger than the bags my husband and I are bringing. I am not surprised. Do you have any tips for packing and traveling by plane with little kids? I need activities to do with a preschooler on a laptop.