Cada Cabeza Online Panel Research Looking for Spanish Speaking Members

Here is another legitimate online research company I want to share with you. I know I have some Spanish speaking readers so this one is for you. Garcia Research launched late last year Cada Cabeza. This is is the first Spanish dominant Hispanic online panel catering to Spanish speaking members. Similar to other online survey companies, you earn points by completing surveys and you later can redeem those points for cash. Right now, when you sign up you can earn $20. Here is how:

1. Get started by joining the Cada Cabeza Panel.
2. After you register and login, go ahead and complete your 10 profile surveys in the members area. Each profile survey is worth 100 points. Once you reach 1000 points (after your first 10 profile surveys) you can redeem your points for a $20 check.
3. Cada Cabeza surveys are worth between 100 to 200 points, depending on the length of the study.
4. With Cada Cabeza Panel, you earn points for every survey, even if you don’t qualify. Each non-qualifying survey rewards you with 20 points.

My advice, as I have given it before, is to see the money you make from participating on online research panels as extra money to supplements your main income.

Thanks A Proverb’s Wife!