Can You Freeze Eggs?

Freeze Eggs

I bought a bunch of eggs the other day because they were on sale. We eat a lot of eggs around here, so I’m not to worried about them going bad. However, it got me wondering if you could freeze eggs to keep the from going bad.

So, can you freeze eggs?

Yes you can!

I never knew this until tonight, and it blew my mind a little. You can actually freeze eggs that are both cooked and raw. Here’s how…

How to Freeze Cooked Eggs

Freezing cooked eggs is a great idea if you eat scrambled eggs often. This can help you save time on busy mornings. You can freeze eggs that have already been cooked a couple of different ways.

First, you can freeze scrambled eggs. Just scramble and and cook the eggs as you normally would and put them in a plastic container with a lid or a freezer bag. You can also separate the eggs into individual portions to help make your morning routine even faster.

You can also freeze eggs that are already assembled into a dish. You can whip up a large batch of breakfast burritos, for instance, by wrapping scrambled eggs, cooked breakfast sausage, cheese, and other fillers in flour tortillas. Wrap each burrito individually in wax paper and foil to freeze.

A minute or two in the microwave should be enough to reheat frozen scrambled eggs. You might want to flip or turn frozen breakfast burritos about halfway through the cooking time.

How to Freeze Eggs That Are Raw

You can’t freeze eggs right in the shells. As the insides freeze, they will expand and most likely crack the shell. To freeze eggs that are raw, you’ll need to take a few steps. While egg whites freeze just fine, egg yolks can become “gelatinous” when frozen. Ew.

To prevent this, you can add either salt or sugar, depending on how you’re planning to use them. Eggs for ore robust or savory dishes should have salt added, while eggs intended for sweet deserts should have sugar added.

First, scramble your eggs and measure them. A teaspoon of salt or one and a half tablespoons of sugar per cup of egg mixture should then be mixed in before you freeze eggs that are raw. The egg mixture can then be poured into ice cube trays until frozen, then transferred to a freezer bag or plastic container. Two “egg cubes” should be equivalent to one egg.

You can also freeze eggs after separating the whites and the yolks. The whites can be frozen with no special prep, but the yolks should either be cooked or mixed with a little salt or sugar before being frozen. According to, frozen raw eggs should keep for up to one year.

After you freeze eggs, you should thaw them in the refrigerator. I wouldn’t advise trying to cook them while frozen or even thaw them in the microwave. The eggs will cook unevenly, and they could end up rubbery or burnt.