How you can make Amazon Your Job


I am all about finding new ways to earn money in 2017!  I know we have talked about it before, but did you know that you can make money on Amazon? I thought I would draw up a little list here for you to show you can you can make Amazon your job.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

Do you have a blog or other type of website?  Did you know that you can become an Amazon affiliate and use links to Amazon products to earn a “commission”?  Amazon gives you a unique URL within your link that is tracked when someone clicks on it.  If the purchase is made, you will earn money.  Depending on the product that is sold, you can earn up to 10% on the sale. This usually is more successful if you focus the items that you link with your blog focus.  For example, if you write about fitness, you would likely link to fitness gear.

Become a 3rd Party Seller

You know how sometimes when you are shopping on Amazon, you see offers from 3rd party sellers?  You can become one of those 3rd party sellers.  It’s as easy as signing up to be an Amazon seller and post new items for sale (many people start by purchasing clearanced items and reselling them).  

This is essentially having an online storefront without the hassle of maintaining a website.  There is the possibility of making a lot of money in this realm.  It is imperative though that you do your research on an item before you purchase and sell.  

Publish a Kindle Book

Do you consider yourself a professional in any field?  Chances are, someone wants to learn that same field.  How about you write an ebook explaining your knowledge?  You can write the book, format it and publish it for free.  Amazon will take a portion of the proceeds, but this is a great way to make a residual income.

These are just some of the ways that you can earn money on Amazon, but they are not the only ways.  Have you ever tried any of these?  What is your favorite way to earn money online?

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