Can’t See CSWM Updates on Facebook Anymore? Join the Club!

Facebook got you down? I have been getting emails and comments from readers that they no longer get blog updates on their Facebook wall.  Yeah, they are not alone!  Facebook is once again moving things around and now that the company has gone public they are looking for any and every way to make money.  Stock price pressure will do that to any company.   But one thing that Facebook is currently doing is hiding Facebook page updates from Facebook user walls.  They are now charging Facebook page owners for the ability to have their updates show up on users’ walls.

From Facebook’s perspective unless you are consistently “liking”, “sharing” and “interacting” with those pages you have liked then you do not want to read what they have to say.  So if you are a passive follower of any page chances are very good that Facebook will start hiding updates from your wall.  I am still posting updates regularly, but Facebook is not showing them to you.

So What Can You Do To Fix This?

If you want to continue regularly seeing CSWM blog updates then “like”, “share” and “interact” continuously with the page!  Also, make sure to go to the CSwM FB Page and click on the “Like” Button Again.  A drop down menu will show and make sure to check “Show in News Feed.”

Is this a fool proof solution?  Honestly I do not think so.  Facebook will continue changing things around to what they think is what their users want because that’s what they do!  My best advice is to follow Common Sense with Money using channels that YOU and I can control and are reliable and consistent.  Here are such channels:

1)  If you want updates throughout the day:

  1. nothing better than checking the website directly.
  2. You can also subscribe via RSS feed or
  3. download the CSWM app to your droid or apple device.

2)  For a daily update of the deals I have shared over the past 24 hours subscribe to my daily email newsletter.  It is one email you get to check once with all the online and store deals plus printable coupons I share with you.  Please not that due to time sensitivity of some deals, some of the deals will already be expired.  But most of the offers I share with you are not so these is a very useful daily digest.

If you have been relying on Facebook to get my updates I suggest you take action so you I continue helping YOU save money!  I am still churning out the deals, it’s Facebook who thinks you are not interested in them anymore.

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