Caregivers Marketplace Not Honoring their Rebate Program?


The Caregivers Marketplace is a rebate program that allows people to get back $0.75 per jumbo pack of Huggies diapers or Pull Ups they buy.  In the past I have mentioned this program very often when there’s been Huggies diaper deals.  I have gotten several emails and comments from readers wondering if the Caregivers Marketplace would still honor the rebate on the jumbo packs even though the size pack sizes have changed in the last few months.

Last night I got the most discouraging email from reader Jen:

You’ve probably already heard but in case you haven’t – Caregivers Marketplace is NOT at this time reimbursing for the new pack sizes for Huggies. They recently changed, for example size 3 went from 40 to 36 in the pack. This was my first experience with Caregivers Marketplace and I am EXTREMELY disappointed. I submitted for a $16.50 rebate and only got back $5.25! I called and found out the pack size change is the reason – because the counts that are listed on the rebate form are different now from what is available in stores and what I bought. The customer service rep explained to me that they’re working to try to resolve the problem but at this time there is nothing she could do for me and that they would not go back and reimburse me even after it gets worked out. Ugh! So I guess I would recommend not submitting anything to Caregivers until after this issue gets worked out, and hopefully it will.

Have you had the same experience as Jen?  Please leave a comment with your concerns under this post.  I will contact Caregivers Marketplace and share the comments.  Hopefully, we can get an answer soon on when this situation will be resolved so we can start submitting receipts again.  For now, if you have not submitted your receipts for this rebate it seems holding off for that is the thing to do.