Carter’s Refund Due to CPSC Advisory on Tagless Labels

The U.S. Consumer Product Service Commission issued an advisory last week that some of Carter’s tagless labels on their clothes can cause rashes. Apparently this advisory only applies to Carter’s Fall 07 Line of clothes.

I first read about this warning by the CPSC on the Chief Family Officer’s blog. Yesterday I found out that you can contact Carter’s at 888-782-9548 and they will mail you a prepaid label so you can return your Fall 07 Line items for a full refund. They will refund the full manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

I need to go through my children’s closets and look for items with these tags. If you think you may have some of these items make sure to check too. Check out Cathy’s post to learn how the 07 Line labels look like.

ETA: Make sure to read this post on ZRecommends with more background information on this, the possibility that other products are involved and rash cases shared by readers. Thanks Andrea!