Change Your Shopping Approach to Save Money and Time!

save moneyShopping can easily turn into a problem if you aren’t careful. Not surprisingly, this can lead to numerous problems, including financial hardship and a cluttered home. And, who wants that?

When you’re going shopping, though, you’re not only wasting money—you’re also wasting time too! It takes you hours just to go window shopping; it takes you even more time to find the right shoes or the perfect outfit. What’s a girl got to do?

It can be difficult, but making a few changes to the way you think about shopping and approach shopping can do wonders to help you save money and time!

Don’t make shopping a hobby or therapeutic outlet.

For some women (and men!), shopping is less about purchasing necessities and more about having fun or feeling better. When you make shoping a hobby or an outlet for negative feelings, wasting money and time is sure to follow. To avoid this, find an inexpensive hobby that you enjoy or find healthier outlets for your negative feelings, such as getting together with fun friends or talking through your problems.

Change the way you think about your purchases.

It’s all a matter of perception. Instead of thinking that you are going to spend some money on a certain thing, replace the word “spend” with the word “invest”. Your mind will be focused on buying something that you actually need, maybe a dress that might not only be on sale, but that will last you longer because more expensive fabrics were used to create it. The same dress can also be versatile, being appropriate for different events and situations. This could be considered a smart investment, as long as you get your money’s worth.

Shop with tunnel vision.

Judging things from a different perspective will also help you save some precious time. Shop with tunnel vision and stay focused on exactly what you want and what to look for. You won’t be wasting time with sales or other useless things that you usually end up buying. Your eyes and mind will be focused on a specific product or a specific color and you’ll be searching for that product only. Your mind won’t allow you to focus on distractions such as sales or buy one, get one messages.

Get organized.

Another tip that will save you time and money when going shopping is to be more organized. Make a list of the items you actually need to pick up on your shopping list and have a good idea of how much money you can actually afford spending. And, no cheating; be honest with yourself! Do you really have to go shopping or are you just looking for an excuse to hit the sale racks? If you really do need to go shopping, focus on the items found on the list and don’t buy anything else when going shopping.

Do your homework first.

You can also check for the prices of every product online to have a better clue of what to expect when it comes to how much money you’re going to spend. Remember that any budget you write down on a piece of paper is only an estimate of the real thing. The real prices can vary and they might be a little more expensive or a bit cheaper than you expected them to be. Either way, expect the unexpected.

Shop your favorite stores first.

If you are a regular client of some particular shops, make sure to check out if those shops offer vouchers or special discounts for their faithful clients. You can save some money by using discounted gift cards too. If you love shopping for new cosmetics and beauty products, for instance, you can buy a Sephora gift card at a discounted price online and use it to shop.

Reap the rewards!

Saving money by not spending it on unnecessary items when going shopping will ultimately lead you to save some space too! Think of all the useless things you bought that now take so much space in your house already! Of course, you’ll end up buying fewer things than you’re used to in the past but at least you’ll find your way around your house and your wardrobe.

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