Cheap Indoor Home Security Tips & Tricks

Cheap indoor home security

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Home security is an issue that effects everyone. There are a number of great home security gadgets and technological advances out there right now, but not all of them are affordable for every household.

If you’re looking for home security solutions on a budget, try a few of these cheap home security tips and tricks!

Upgrade Old Locks and Deadbolts

When it comes to doors and windows, you can’t have too many locks. For exterior doors, opt for strong deadbolts, and possible door chains as well. You should also make sure that all of your window locks are in working order. This may not seem like a cheap home security tip when you see the price of decent deadbolts, but they’re a small expense compared to the possible alternative. Spend a little extra money on Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts, and install them a few inches higher than the handle near the center of the door. Good deadbolts will also have bolts that extend at least an inch into the door frame and reinforced strike plates.

Secure Sliding Doors and Windows

Even if your sliding doors and windows all have functional locks, you may want to take additional steps to secure them. First, sliding doors can be made almost impossible to open by laying a wooden dowel or cut broom handle in the track of the door. Double hung windows can be made more secure by drilling a small hole through both the top and bottom sashes and inserting a thick nail into the hole.

Install a Peephole

A peephole viewer is a simple and inexpensive home security upgrade. These allow you to see outside your front door without having to open it. They’re also relatively easy to install yourself.

Leave a Light On

Exterior lighting is great for home security, and the same is true for interior lighting. If you’ll be away from your home when it’s dark, consider leaving a few lights of the television on. You can also use a simple and inexpensive timer to turn lights on and off when you won’t be home.

Set up a (Free) Android Security Camera

If you have an old Android phone around, you may be able to turn it into a security camera for your home. Use a free app called IP Webcam and watch your home from any browser on a computer or tablet. When you set up your Android device, make sure you set it up next to an electric outlet and keep it plugged in.

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Keep Doors and Windows Shut

Any open door or window is just an open invite to nefarious individuals. All it takes is a few moments for a thief to wander into your house or garage and make off with any valuables he can ride, drive, or carry. While keeping doors and windows shut won’t guarantee that you won’t get robbed, it can greatly reduce the risk.

Stop With the Facebook Updates!

I’m sure that you want everyone to know what a good time you’re having or how bored you are at work, but posting constant Facebook status updates or “checking in” when you aren’t home is foolhardy. You’re basically advertising that you’re away from home, and in some cases, how long you’ll be gone. Wait until you get home to post about your vacation, lunch date, or shopping trip. You should also consider disabling location services on the Facebook app on your mobile device.