Christmas Shopping In July Alert

Money Savings alert: I recently learned that the last week of July/first week of August is the time of the year when Target resets its toy section. What does this mean? That you can expect deep discounts in toys at Target during the next few weeks.

I just stopped by my local Target and was able to snag a few items for 75% off. Most of the items were 30 – 50% off but there were still quite a bit of items left so I expect more discounts are coming. These are some of the things I am doing to make sure I take advantage of this deal:

  • I made a detailed list of all the children I need to buy gifts. Carry this list with me and write down in this list who I have bought gifts for. This ensures that I don’t overbuy for anyone in particular.
  • Put away the toys/items I have bought in advance in a dedicated place. I know I am not the only one who has bought a Christmas present in advance, but when it’s Christmas time the gift is nowhere to be found. The gifts are easily found come January 1st.
  • Did I miss something? This is the first time the I try to be organized.

So be on the lookout for toy clearance at Target. This is an area I bypass 99% of the time I shop Target but during the next couple of weeks I will be walking down those aisles hoping to snag some cheap toys. Wouldn’t you like to cut back your Christmas gift spending by 75%