Cleaning Hacks that will Save You Time


cleaning hacks

If you are anything like me, you spend way too much time cleaning your house.   It seems like everytime I turn around there is more work to do.  Whether it’s a kitchen spill, a toy pileup or yet another load of laundry, it seems like it is non-stop.

Well, lucky for us, there are some simple cleaning hacks that have the ability to save us lots of time!  I am working hard to revamp my life, my time and my sanity, wanna join me by starting with these hacks

Cleaning Hacks that will Save You Time:

Follow the Rule of Three

Once every hour (I do it when I walk through a room), put away 3 things.  Maybe it’s the mail just sitting on the table or a coat draped over a chair.  Whatever these three things are, they won’t take long to clean up and by the time the day is done, you will have accomplished a lot.

Place Dryer Sheets in the Garbage

Okay, okay, so you actually need to put them underneath the garbage bag that you place in your can, but the dryer sheet will absorb any spills and it will also keep the area smelling fresh!

Place Five Paper Towels on Top of the Microwave Turntable

This little trick will catch the spills offs that come with microwaving foods and liquids and at the end of your microwave use, just peel one paper off.  You will have to do far less cleaning of your microwave!

Keep Your Supplies Together

There is a reason why the hotel maid pushes a cart with her cleaning supplies.  Can you imagine having to run back and forth each time you need a different product?  You should be doing the same thing at home. Make sure and keep all of your cleaning supplies stored together in one caddy.  This will save you time and lots and lots of irritation! I hate when I have to go from room to room for supplies.
In all honesty I think I could go on and on as I think we, in general, waste a tremendous amount of time doing things the hard way.  There are so many different ways to save time, none of them being right or wrong.  I do though, love to hear about other’s ideas on how to save time.  What is your best time saving cleaning hack?