Coinstar: Free $5 MP3 Credit

Time to take some time and scour the house for all coins lying around!  This is a great promotion from Coinstar to take advantage of.  Just bring in $20 or more in coins to your local Coinstar Kiosk and trade them for an Amazon Gift Card and you will get a bonus $5 credit good towards a purchase from the Amazon MP3 store.  I checked out this offer at my local Coinstar yesterday and when you go to trade in your coins, just click on “Check Today’s Offers” and this special offer will show up there.  Plus you know that when you choose to trade in your coins for any of the e-gift certificates they offer you avoid paying any fees.  But to get this offer you need to get the Amazon Egift card, which is just fine with me since I am always buying stuff from Amazon anyway.

This offer is valid through September 23, 2012.  Find the Coinstar Kiosk closest to you here.

Thanks Swaggrabber!