A Few Common Causes of High Heating Bills

High Heating BillsThere’s nothing quite like opening the first heating bill of the season. Yikes!

High heating bills are an unfortunate reality for many of us. When the cold weather strikes, there’s nothing we can do but crank up the heat.

High heating bills don’t have to be the norm, though. Oftentimes, the causes of high heating bills can be found and addressed.

Instead of struggling to pay to keep the heat on, you may be able to fix a few common causes of high heating bills.

High Thermostat

One of the most common causes of high heating bills is a thermostat that’s set to high. Dial down your thermostat just a few degrees and you might be surprised at how much you can save. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat that will automatically lower the heat when you aren’t home.

Drafty Windows and Doors

I know in my funky old house, drafty windows and doors are the most common cause of high heating bills. If you have drafts in your house, locate the drafts and stop them. Caulk around baseboard, windows, and doors or anywhere else air is getting in. Using plastic to cover windows is also an excellent way to stop the cold air from getting in and lower high heating bills, if you can’t replace them. Weatherstripping should also be placed around doorjambs and windowsills, and doorsweeps can be added to the bottoms of doors.

Thermostat Placement

It’s not something that most people would attribute to high heating bills, but thermostat placement really can make a big difference. Thermostats that are placed near outside doors, in direct sunlight, or near electronics can all cause heat to switch on or off at the wrong times. Moving the thermostat or any electrical items, including TV’s and lamps, can remedy this problem. If this isn’t an option, you can also place a cardboard deflector next to the thermostat on the wall, which should help block extreme heat or cold from messing with your thermostat.

Airflow Restrictions

Restricted air flow can reduce the efficiency of your heater. This can the cause it to work harder, which results in high heating bills. Since restricted air flow can also lead to expensive equipment malfunctions, you should change filters and clean coils in your heaters regularly.

Unused Rooms

Heating rooms that you rarely use can be another cause of high heating bills. If possible, shut off rooms and hallways that you don’t use regularly during the coldest months. Shutting the door is the easiest way to accomplish this, but if rooms don’t have a door, you can also hang heavy drapes.

Inadequate Insulation

It can be expensive to replace or add insulation in your house, but it’s definitely a good investment. Inadequate insulation can be a big cause of high heating bills, but adequate insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on heating each year.



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