Container Gardening for Free

Last year my next door neighbor decided she was done with having plants in pots, so she threw away all of her empty pots. My husband being one who can’t let a good thing go to waste picked all of the good pots and put them in our garage.

I don’t have the dedication to take care of plants in pots. With two small kids I don’t have the time to properly take care of them. So I stick to perennial flower beds. I did keep a couple of the containers for my herbs.

We had friends over for dinner last night and one of them told me they were thinking of buying tomato plants in pots since they live in a second floor apartment and would like to grow vegetables but lack the land to do it. So I offered them a few of the pots my husband salvaged last year. It also just so happen that my neighbor (other side) offered me some of her tomato plants so I also had excess tomato plants that I couldn’t fit in my garden. I also had a couple of eggplants leftover. They took it all.

I hope container gardening works for them. I told them this is an excellent way to give it a try: when you get the pots and plants for free.