The Coupon Cupboard

I have been a member of Twitter for a month now. The great thing about Twitter is that it gives you the opportunity to network with other bloggers. One of the people I have “met” is Barb from The Coupon Cupboard. I have invited her to share with my readers about her site. This is what she has to say:

I love reading blogs because I find so many great deals there. I really appreciate the time and effort that bloggers such as Mercedes put into putting deals together for us. Fortunately for us though deals seem to pop out of the blue at anytime of the day. Besides reading great blogs like this, one of the best ways to stay up to date on all the latest coupons is to join a free coupon forum. Many years ago I started a coupon website for some friends and I and it grew into this huge forum. I went back to a regular job in teaching so I sold the site to one of the site admins who just recently sold it to a huge company. I was sad to see a little friendly site be swallowed and I missed my coupon roots! So, one of the old admins and I started a new coupon forum with the same friendly feeling that we used to have at A Full Cup. We have lots of long time coupon users on the site ready to help anyone new to deal hunting. We would love it if the readers here joined us at The Coupon Cupboard.

I agree with Barb, whether you are getting started using coupons or have been using coupons for a while it is nice to have the support of other coupon users in a friendly environment. A lot of the sites that I frequent have become so popular and have grown so much in the last few months that it seems a lot of the friendliness and general good spirit of the forums is missing. So, if you are looking for some coupon guidance in a friendly environment you may want to check out The Coupon Cupboard.