Coupon Insert Preview 7/26


We are back to getting two coupon inserts this coming Sunday July 26th.  Here’s the list of coupons available.  Please remember that coupons and values are regional and you may not get the same coupons listed here:

SmartSource Insert

Colgate $.75/1 (x8/15) Max White, Max Fresh, Total, Sensitive or Kids
Colgate $1.00/1 (x 8/15)360 Sonic Power Toothbrush
Colgate $.40/1 (x8/15) Adult or Kids Manual Colgate Toothbrush
Irish Spring $.50 (x8/15) 1 Body Wash (excludes 2.5 oz size) or 2 Multi-Bar Soap (3-pack or larger)
Speed Stick $.75/1 (x8/15) Pro or 24/7 or Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof or 24/7 (excluding 0.5 oz)
Speed Stick $.75/2 (x8/15) Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick (excluding 0.5 oz)
Palmolive $.25/1 any (x8/15)
Tyson Skillet Creations $1/1 any Meal Kit (x10/26)
Dannon $1/2 6 packs Light & Fit (x9/15)
Dannon $1/1 Danimals 6 pack drink, 12 pack drink or 4 pack Crush Cup (x9/30)
Dannon $1/1 Danimals Crush Cup (x9/30)
DanActive $1/1 any 1 4-pack (x10/30)
Activia, Activia Light, Activia Fiber or Activia Drinks $1/1 4-pack (x10/30)
Edwards Singles $1/2 (x9/26)
Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes $.50/2 36 ct Tubs or larger or 42ct Refills or One 72 ct Refill or Larger (x9/06)
Cottonelle Toilet Paper $.50/2 4-packs or One 12-Pack or larger (x9/06)
Cottonelle Aloe & E Toilet Paper $.50/1 4-Pack or larger (x9/06)
Tylenol Extra Strength $2/1 any (excludes trial size) (x10/31)
Tylenol PM $2/1 any (excludes trial size) (x10/31)
Tylenol Arthritis $2/1 any (excludes trial size) (x10/31)
Scott MIR $2 wyb 2 different products; $3 wyb 3 different products; $4 wyb 4 different products (must be postmarked by 8/16)
Schick Quattro $4/1 Women or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill; Titanium Razor, Trimmer, or Refill (x8/30)
Schick $1/1 Disposable Razor (x8/30)
Post Cereal $1/2 (x9/06)
Post Cereals $1/2 Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran (x9/06)
OxiClean Powder $1/1 56 oz or larger (x10/31)
OxiClean $1/1 Stain Fighter Liquid (x10/31)
OxiClean $.75/1 Laundry Pre-Treater Spray (x10/31)
I-Caps Eye Drops $2/1 (x10/31)
Opti-Free Eye Solution $4/2 10oz or twin pack (x10/31)
Systane Eye Product $2/1 (x10/31)
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Sandwiches $.75/1 8 oz or larger (x10/31)
Snyder’s of Hanover Lunch Packs $1/1 5.5 oz or larger (x10/31)
California Pizza Kitchen $1/1 Crispy Thin Crust product 910 ox or larger) (x8/31)
Sunsweet Prune Juice $1/1 64 oz bottle (x11/30)
Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal $1/2 (x9/06)
2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner $.55/1 (x10/31)
Clearasil $1/1 any (x10/18)
Rid-X Septic System Treatment $.50/1 (x9/20) (x10/18) – two like coupons

RedPlum Insert

Scotch Packaging Tape $.50/1 any (x9/30)
Scotch Packaging Supply $.50/1 any (x9/30)
Scotch Easy Grip Packaging Tape Dispenser $1/1 any (x9/30)
Quilted Northern $1/1 6-Double Roll or larger or Ultra Plush (x9/13)
9Lives $.75/1 Dry Cat Food 3.15 lbs or larger (x9/30)
9Lives $1/1 12 Can Variety Pack, 12 individual cans or 3 4-Packs (x9/30)
Bayer $1.50/1 Quick Release Crystals any (x10/31)
Bayer $1/1 24 ct or larger Aspirin (x10/31)
Bayer $1.50/1 any Heart Health Advantage (x10/31)
Phillips $1/1 any (x10/31)
Noxzema $1/1 SpaShave 4-Blade 3-Pack, Super Smooth Triple Blade 4-Pack, Soft-n-Sassy Twin Blade 10-Pack or Bikini Grooming Wand (x9/30)
Hillshire Farm $.55/1 Deli Select Lunchmeats (9 ox or larger) (x8/15)
Flex-a-min Joint Care $6/1 any (x9/9)
Ball Park Franks $1/2 any variety (x8/22)
Herbal Essences Buy any 1 shampoo, conditioner or styling product and get 1 styling product free (x8/31)
Aussie $2/2 any (x8/31)
Balsam Lasting Color $1/2 any
Pantene $1/1 Expressions or Restoratives product (excludes trial size) (8/31)
Strap Perfect Bra Strap Concealer $1/1 any (x10/30)
Alli $15 any (x9/30)
Flintstones Multivitamin product $1/1 any (x10/31)
One A Day Kids Multivitamin product $1/1 (x10/31)
One A Day Adult or Teen Multivitamin product 12ct+ $2/1 (x10/31)
Citracal $1/1 any exc Creamy Bites (x10/31)
Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, or Milky Way singles (2oz-2.13oz) $1/2 (x8/23)
Dove, M&Ms, Starburst, Skittles, Twixels, M&Ms Premiums, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way or 3 Musketeers brand items 4.4oz+ $1/2 (x8/26) (Target Coupon)
Dove Ice Cream 4pk, Minis Mix Ice Cream 12ct, Snickers Ice Cream Bars 6pk or M&Ms Ice Cream Sandwich 6pk $1/2 (x8/26) (Target Coupon)
Combos snack (7oz+) or Kudos Brand 10pk product .50/1 (x8/26) (Target Coupon)
AcneFree Clear Skin System, Sensitive Skin System, Severe To Clear System, OR Redness Relief System $3/1 (x9/30)
AcneFree non-kit treatment $1/1 (x9/30)
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Product .50/1 (x9/30)
Minute Maid Frozen Novelty .50/1 (x9/30)
Nature’s Bounty vitamins and supplements $1/1 any (x9/9)
Neutrogena Face Cosmetics $2/1 any (x9/6)
Neutrogena Eye/Lip Cosmetics $1/1 any (x9/6)
Essence Magazine $1/1 (x10/2)
Walgreens Ace Brace & Support Product $2/1 (x10/31)

Thanks to HCW for this preview.