Couponing With Kids Doesn’t Have to be Torture! 2015-03-11 20-56-41

Some frugal mamas out there might find couponing with kids frustrating, but not this frugal mama! Couponing with kids, at least mine, is a rewarding and fun experience. By couponing together, I get the chance to teach my own kids about the importance of saving money, and I get to spend more time with them.

It’s true that couponing with kids can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, couponing with kids can even be—dare I say it?—fun!

Here are a few tips to help make couponing with kids a little easier…

Explain Why Couponing is Important

I think that many kids don’t truly understand the importance of couponing. With kids, you’ll have to explain what coupons are and how they save you money. It can also help if you explain that coupons help you afford the fun things in life, like toys and ice cream!

Let Kids Help With Couponing at Home

Kids love cutting stuff, so why not let have a crack at cutting out coupons? Printable coupons may be easier for them at first, since there are only three to a page and larger than most insert coupons. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally cutting coupons on the back of the page. Kids can also help with organizing and making shopping lists.

Enlist Help at the Stores Too

Shopping with kids can be a challenge, I know, and when you throw in couponing with kids at a store, it can be downright hectic! However, I’ve noticed that long boring couponing trips where my kids had nothing to do were the worst. Once I started assigning tasks, things got a whole lot easier! Let the help you find items, hold the list, and pick out varieties of products. And, be sure to keep your shopping trips short!

Let them Reap the Rewards Too

One way I really got my kids excited about couponing was to let them pick out a few treats that they could buy with coupons during a sale. They browsed through the weekly store fliers and hunted down the coupons. It was fun for them, and they got a yummy treat for their efforts. These days, my daughter is more worried about the makeup freebies at CVS than Fruit Roll-Ups, but it still works!

Make Couponing Fun!

Show kids that couponing really can be fun! I know my kids really get a kick out of seeing my final price compared to my pre-coupon subtotal. Make a game out of it, and take turns guessing what your final total will be. Winner gets to pick a treat from your couponing stash!

What are some other ways to make couponing with kids a little easier?